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Bullseye® Apodizing Coatings and Filters

Bullseye® Apodizing Coatings and Filters

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Bullseye® Apodizing filters are customizable density gradient filters that change radially from the center to the outside of the optical component. These filters are used to eliminate undesirable intensity variations in optical systems or to modify the wavefront of an optical source. Bullseye® filters come in two configurations, normal and inverse apodizing.

Perfect fish bait: Cobolt's newest market


Cobolt AB have received the largest order so far for the year for an unanticipated application. The Indian fishing authorities have placed an order for an undisclosed number of Cobolt Samba™ 25 mW lasers. The Cobolt Samba™ lasers have the perfect weight, size and splash to attract the largest of Tunis Albacares (Yellow fin tunas).

Milk and dairy product composition analysis

Cost­‐effective and robust spectral sensor technology - 

Fast milk fat content analysis to process and hand­‐held applications - 

 - In‐situ reflectance measurement with fiber optical probe

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Designing a Vision System

A Comprehensive Guide to the Technical Requirements for Building a Vision System for Your Unique Imaging Application

Short-wave infrared cameras in semiconductor inspection applications

In this article, we discuss several applications of SWIR (short-wave infrared) cameras in semiconductor inspection applications. Most of these applications rely on the capability of SWIR cameras to see through semiconductor materials such as silicon. 

Short-wave infrared adaptive optics and applications

In this article, we introduce adaptive optics and focus on the advantages of using (short-wave) infrared cameras in wavefront sensing. We also highlight some key applications in astronomy, laser communication, biological imaging microscopy and retinal imaging in combination with optical coherence tomography. We conclude with the key performance parameters of SWIR cameras used in adaptive optics applications.


Daylight Solutions’ QCL lasers - Recent advances in mid-IR applications

Mid-IR lasers continue to help push boundaries in many cutting-edge applications. Here are some recently published articles using Daylight Solutions’ QCL lasers that we thought you might find interesting. These are just some of the most recent of the over 140 publications using the Daylight Solutions lasers.